born and bred in southern Switzerland (Bellinzona) during college I joined a band and soon developed an interest in making things sound nice and clear… and loud! So I picked up working for a regional PA rental company (K-Sound).
A few years later moved to London where I started working for leading Pa company Britannia Row (first shifting boxes and cleaning cables and all that very glamorous side of the industry). Later on I started gigging as assistant engineer/babysitter and then landed the Kula Shaker gig. Consequently worked with many artist including VV Brown, Amy Winehouse, Kano, Gorillaz, Cassette Kids, Patrick Wolf, Tindersticks and Amy MacDonald.
I am also Waves Live product specialist, I basically show people how they can integrate using Waves tools in their live mixes… pure geekiness.
I have been looking after Calvin Harris FOH sound for a few yearn now, a mastering gig on a huge scale! Love the fact I tune the PA for a specific song instead of a song for a PA!
Mixing the broadcast feed for the spanish show Got Talent was good fun, now onto a world tour of Spain with for a Spanish superstar! David Bisbal

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